SOWA Marketing Joins Forces with [email protected] to Fight the Coronavirus Pandemic!

One day, the coronavirus pandemic will end

When it does, it will not be because of a “miracle” or because the virus has simply gotten bored and wandered off to find another species to terrorize. It will be because the scientists of the world have, using data, technology and trial and error, figured out a way to cure and/or vaccinate us against this deadly disease.

There is already a gargantuan amount of data out there on the coronavirus, how it spreads, and how the virus looks, behaves and changes on a microscopic level. Analyzing this data and deducing useful trends that scientists and epidemiologists can use to help accelerate a solution requires not only a massive amount of expertise and brain power, it also needs a huge amount of computing power.

You may not be a scientist or medical researcher, but from the comfort of your couch, you can be part of the worldwide team that is working to crunch the data and combat this pandemic!

All you need is your computer. That’s right - the very laptop you are reading this on right now! By safely “donating” a small percentage of the processing power of your computer to a global system linked together via the internet, you will be making a contribution to science and helping to stop this virus in its tracks.

SOWA marketing has partnered with Polish firm iCEA in the Folding @ Home action! Our efforts are specifically targeted at helping scientists understand the structure of the coronavirus. We have instructed all our staff and freelancers to take the following steps to donate some of their computing resources to the cause. By following these steps, you too can do the same!

Here’s how you can join us:

  1. Choose dedicated computer resources whose computing power you will devote to the initiative.
  2. It doesn't matter if it's a computer that someone uses for work. This should not normally interfere with your daily activities.
  3. Download and install Folding @ Home from the official website.
  4. Add your company name in the format: NAME_name or number, e.g .: SOWAmarketing_Damian
  5. Enter Team number 262892 to join the group "Poland vs COVID-19"
  6. Select the project for which you allocate the computing power of the equipment - COVID-19
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