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Working across the fields of project management, marketing consultancy, film production, social media management, copywriting and design, SOWA Marketing has helped a diverse collection of firms establish themselves in their market space, increase their audience, and leave their mark on the world. When you work with SOWA Marketing, you take advantage of a passionate group of people who will be dedicated to your success. We make it our mission to understand the unique nature of your business and help you not only achieve your strategic goals, but also to discover opportunities in your market that you may have missed.

The statistics looked bad for medical students.

Dropout rates were skyrocketing. Students were leaving Medical School with six figures of debt. Burned out. Skint. Exhausted. And to top it off, many were unable to find residency places. Many of those who did had to travel far from home, losing their friends, missing their family, suffering extraordinary rates of depression.

This is how we helped QUPI become the go-to choice for medical students looking to prepare for their exams - it is now the world’s largest medical question bank.

It’s how we helped J. T. Madicus take his novel, “Final Diagnosis” and adapt it into a TV series that is currently being developed in Hollywood. It’s how we helped Firefly New Media become the leading media company in the British Northeast. And it’s how we will help your business reach new heights. Please explore our complete portfolio for the full story of how we help our clients overcome challenges and achieve new levels of success:

Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances Film

Final Diagnosis is an intelligent medical drama produced and marketed by SOWA Marketing, based on the novel Final Diagnosis by J. T. Madicus. Hunted by unknown enemies, four doctors are forced to solve life or death medical puzzles under the leadership of the enigmatic Dr. Tseng. Loaded with psychological tension, espionage, and deception, this intelligent and entertaining new series is informed by real medical cases. The first installment in the Final Diagnosis saga, No Second Chances is expected in late 2021.

Closer to Home

Thanks to our international reputation, SOWA has been trusted to manage the domestic marketing and graphic design of many high-profile Polish businesses. Here are a few examples...

Maraga Strefa Spa

A well-known Polish beauty salon, SOWA Marketing managed their website creation, graphic and print design, merchandise design and production, paid advertising, plus the creation of marketing assets including photos and videos.

Furora Pracownia Fryzur

A successful Polish hairdressing salon, SOWA Marketing has owned their complete branding and promotion, including website creation, graphic and print design, merchandise design and production, paid advertising, plus the creation of marketing assets including photos and videos.

Wiesmann Lingerie

Wiesman is a woman’s Polish lingerie manufacturer who have been in business for over 25 years. Sourcing the best materials from Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany they release two collections a year. Their products are sold across Western Europe, as well as North America and Australasia.


A Polish medical clinic specialized in podiatry, SOWA Marketing have handled their graphic design, and also created two instruction videos introducing potential clients to medical treatments on offer.

MP Adwokaci

A Polish law firm who are currently working with SOWA Marketing on an all new website.

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