Internal Communication

This is one of the most important elements related to running a company, closely related to employee relations. According to Gatehouse - the British agency, as many as 38% of people employed work in companies employing 1 thousand. up to 10,000 employees. In each case, well-conducted internal communication translates into staff efficiency, and allows to prevent internal crises in companies.

Internal communication has a huge impact on the company's effects: employees know the company's goals, which they should pursue, how to do it and what they mean in achieving success. Communication between the company's management and employees is a key element related to employee satisfaction. Research shows that many employees indicate that they would like to speak up on issues important to their organization.

We create mechanisms related to properly conducted internal communication, ranging from designing relationships, to the implementation and organization of training courses, events, or building a friendly climate conducive to the internal development of the company.


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Crisis PR


Often, crisis management activities are undertaken long before they occur. Why? PR problems happen not only to small companies, but also to the largest corporations. In many cases, they can be avoided or the strategies can be developed to deal with problematic situations.

It is important that a company that cares about its appearance is prepared for all possible problems and implements action strategies at the right moment.

As the agency, we have extensive experience in campaigning during the crisis. We are able to define the source of problems and counteract them.


External communication

External communication is one of the most important elements supporting marketing tools.

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing image campaigns through the media, using modern social engineering mechanisms. We build brand recognition as well as maintain relationships with customers.

In each case, we build unique PR solutions. Our campaigns are based on detailed analyzes and audits, thanks to which they match the needs and expectations of customers. It all makes the brand we are working on known, recognizable and, above all, valued.


Media Monitoring

We provide services in the field of media monitoring. Thanks to this, each enterprise can keep track of its presence in national and regional media.

In this way, you can study the media image of a brand, product or service, as well as allow you to analyze all publications of their impact on the image. The tools we use allow us to monitor publications in both traditional media (TV, radio, press) and online media (portals, blogs, forums, social media).

This service also allows you to react quickly to unwanted publications that may have a negative impact on your image-building activities.


Running a Press Office


Dzięki nam nie musicie już zastanawiać się nad tworzeniem stanowiska pracy dla rzecznika prasowego. Świadczymy usług w zakresie prowadzenia biura prasowego, pomagamy w nawiązywaniu pozytywnych relacji pomiędzy przedsiębiorstwem a mediami lokalnymi i ogólnopolskimi.

Our team consists of people who have extensive experience and who have worked or collaborated with publishing houses as journalists in their professional careers. This allows us to navigate with great ease in the media world.

In each case, we guarantee confidentiality and high precision in creating relations between the media and the company.



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