What can you gain from talking to an expert?

You will receive valuable information about the activities of your competitors.
You will learn the potential of the entire industry and assess how you compare with your competitors.
You will get a very thorough analysis of your entire website in terms of SEO and UX.
You will learn how to increase the number of visits to the website and improve sales results.

What does a professional SEO consultation look like?

At the beginning, Our expert will send you a link via email allowing you access to the desktop preview of our SEO specialist. Owing to this, during the entire conversation you will be able to track all activities carried out on an ongoing basis and will gain a view of relevant data and information from the tools used. During the SEO audit, our expert will perform an analysis of the structure of the entire site, its link profile and the content posted on it.He will also look at UX aspects and assess the condition and potential of your website. In addition, we will analyze your biggest competitors and determine the comparison of your website to other websites in the industry.

  • We will assess how your website is compared to positioning in terms of positioning.
  • We will analyze the quality of the content and assess whether it has a beneficial effect on your domain.
  • We will check the key phrases used on your website and determine their effectiveness.
  • We will check the structure of the entire website and plan activities aimed at its extension.
  • We will get acquainted with the link profile to assess its value and impact on website positioning.
  • We will analyze the strategy used by your competitors.
  • We will determine the potential of your domain and to what extent it is used.
  • We will create an SEO / SEM initial strategy tailored to your needs.

What are the benefits of SEO activities?

Professional website positioning is a process that is necessary to succeed on the internet. Constantly growing competition and increasing customer requirements mean that you can not lag behind. SEO / SEM activities allow us to obtain a higher position in search results and improve the visibility of the website. This translates into more website traffic and thus more customers will check your offer. As a result, sales revenues and company recognition in the industry will grow.

Statistics confirm the effectiveness of website positioning

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    Frequently asked questions

    1What is the cost of consulting an SEO expert?
    The SEO consultation with the expert is free. You do not incur any costs in connection with its implementation and you do not have to commit to cooperating in the field of positioning.
    2When will I have a consultation?
    The deadline is set after receiving an application by the customer and will be adjusted to your preferences.
    3Do I need to prepare for the conversation?
    No. All you need is a computer with internet access. You don't need to do anything more for the consultation to take place.
    4How long does it take to talk to a specialist?
    Most often less than an hour. However, occasionally, due to the large number of questions or an extremely complex and complex website, SEO audit lasts even 3-4 hours.
    5Will I have to share my page panel?
    To access the SEO consultation, no access to the user panel of the site is required.
    6Do I have to sign a contract after consultation?
    No, our SEO consultations are not binding in any manner. After the conversation, there is no obligation to sign any contract and use professional positioning.
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