Sowa Marketing z projektem QUPI w służbie nowoczesnej medycyny
May 27, 2020
Sowa Marketing na filmowym planie
June 22, 2020

Series Production Update: Final Diagnosis

Deliberation between the Director (Left) and the film crew

Last year, SOWA Marketing was asked to apply our project management and production skills to a whole new industry: Film production.

Working with our associate J. T. Madicus (the chairman of the SOWA client, QUPI), we assembled a team to transform his medical drama novel, Final Diagnosis: No Second Chances into a feature film.

In August last year, an initial round of filming was completed in Poznan, Poland featuring an international cast of professional actors including stars of well known Polish soap-operas and one actor who had even made an appearance in HBO’s Game of Thrones!

During the post-production phase, we teamed up with major Hollywood consultancies Jade Umbrella and EKC PR to work together on making this film as good as it can be. It was during this stage that the decision was made to reimagine Final Diagnosis as not merely a one-off film, but as an ongoing Netflix-style series.

This decision being made, it was necessary to alter the plot and pacing of the footage we had shot so far and introduce new characters in order to adapt the narrative and tempo to the new format. We decided to move forward with a second round of shooting in Los Angeles featuring members of the original European cast as well as several highly accomplished actors based in Hollywood.

This second round of filming wrapped up in early March 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic was making itself felt in Europe and the United States. Fortunately, we were able to complete all scheduled filming and get our cast and crew safely back to their homes in the US and around the world before lockdown measures were introduced in California.

Final Diagnosis Actor – Pawel Sakowski

While the film industry has been by and large put on hold as a result of measures to impede the spread of Covid-19, we have been largely spared the effects of this since we were able to complete our scheduled filming before the industry locked down. We are now in the post-production phase which is being managed by a team of professionals in both Europe and the United States, and overseen by SOWA Marketing.

In addition to keeping a hand in the post-production stage, SOWA Marketing is also working closely with our partners in Los Angeles on the marketing of the series. This includes creating proposals and reaching out to potential distribution networks such as Netflix, as well as creating media and public relations campaigns and managing the series’ web presence and social media channels.

While we do not yet have a definite release date for the series, we are sharing content regularly on the Final Diagnosis social media page. We invite you to follow along and enjoy keeping up with an intelligent medical drama thriller that balances faith in science with a compelling cast and complex characters. Enjoy! 

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