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April 27, 2020
Członkini zespołu SOWA jedną z wolontariuszy pomagających w tworzeniu 22 000 ochronnych maseczek dla lokalnych szpitali.
May 18, 2020

SOWA Team Member Helps to Create 22,000 Protective Masks For Local Hospitals

As the coronavirus pandemic has hit, hospitals around the world have been hit with a shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). One of the most important articles nurses and doctors need when tending to patients is a surgical mask. These masks filter out potentially virus-infected droplets from the air, reducing the risk that the wearer will contract the same illness as their patients.

To remain effective, masks need to be changed regularly. With the increased strain on the global medical system, masks have been in greater demand than ever. And hospitals are running out. This means that medical professionals are exposed to even greater risk while trying to save lives. The deaths from coronavirus of many nurses and doctors around the world has been directly attributed to a lack of PPE.

But with this tragedy has also come moments of hope. We would like to share a short story about a member of our team, Ola Lukas. Ola is the personal assistant to SOWA Marketing CEO, Damian Ratajczak. One of her hobbies is sewing, a craft that she never expected could one day literally save lives!

She has teamed up with willing and able volunteers in the organization in her home town of Poznan, Poland. Organized by the group “Koordynacja Szycia Maseczek” (Roughly translated to “Coordinate Sewing Masks”) they receive materials to their home and turn out masks in their spare time which are then donated to local hospitals.

According to a post on their Facebook group, over 250 volunteers in Poznan are now involved, who have received 40,000 packages of material and created over 22,000 read made masks as well as caps, overalls and other equipment which have been donated to hospitals and other essential services and institutions. 

This just goes to show that, even if you are not a doctor, nurse or essential worker, there are ways for you to volunteer your time and energy to help those on the frontlines.

Congratulations Ola!

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