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SOWA’s Secret SEO Formula, Revealed!

SOWA’s Secret SEO Formula, Revealed!

SOWA’s Secret SEO Formula, Revealed!

Discover The Exact Three-Step Process We Use to Create Smash-Hit Blog Posts for Our Clients

This year, content is going to be more important than ever before! But with your competition churning out blog posts by the minute, how do you make sure your articles actually attract attention? The exciting news is, there’s a methodical SEO technique that allows you to virtually guarantee that you are writing something that people on blogs or social media platforms will want to search for. It involves a few steps and a bit of research, but if you’re willing to put in the work, then this is a great way to attract traffic, get established, and grow your revenue.

Are you ready?

The Three-Step SOWA SEO Method

As we talk you through the SOWA SEO Method, we’ll pretend like you’re one of our clients getting access to our most coveted techniques. Let’s use the example of QUPI, the medical question bank, a long-standing client of ours for whom we have created dozens of popular posts. It will be like you are looking over our shoulder and witnessing exactly how a content agency creates popular blog posts as well as leverage social media for business. 

Let’s begin!

Step One: Discover Potential Search Terms

To begin we first need to use a nifty tool to find out what people are actually looking for.

Go on Answerthepublic.com and search for the idea you have in mind. It’s only free for your first few queries so you might want to use a VPN (Download Windscribe – it’s free) for multiple searches. It comes in handy when brainstorming ideal content to promote your business. In this tutorial, however, let’s search for medicine, a broad keyword that is relevant to the QUPI audience.

As you can see, after typing in medicine you get tons of results:

You can now download a CSV file containing these results, which will come in handy later.

Pick an idea for the article. The more intensive the color of a dot, the more often a particular phrase is in use. I chose Why medicine is a good career. This will probably end up being the subject of our blog post, but before we commit to it,  let’s take a moment to verify how many monthly queries this one gets.

Step Two: Validate The Popularity of Your Search Terms

Go on Ads.google.com and login with your Google account. If you don’t have an ad account, Google will allow you to create one free of charge. All tools from Google are free, except of course for their paid advertising services, but that’s a subject for another article.

Now on the main dashboard of your Google Ads Account, find the top bar and top bar click on the Tools wrench icon:

And then choose the link entitled “Keyword Planner.”

Select “Get search volume and forecasts,” And then make sure you are searching in the right location!


This is why it’s a good idea to check 🙂 As you can see, even after changing to All locations, we have learned that our query Why medicine is a good career is not a good subject for an article. It obtains only up to 10 monthly searches – ouch! 

But don’t worry, all is not lost. It can often take a few repeats before you find the perfect keyword. After all, if this was easy, everyone would be doing it. And they aren’t. This is why you can secure a huge advantage in communicating with your customers.

That means I need to come back to my results from Answerthepublic.com and choose something else. Because of our experience with this client, we chose Why Medicine and Not Nursing.

We take this new keyword phrase, Why Medicine and Not Nursing, and put it through the Google test, using the steps above. Ok, now this looks much better. This keyword phrase has from 100 to 1000 monthly queries in both the UK and USA and competition appears low. We’re in business! Time to start writing… right? Not so fast. The journey is just beginning…

Step Three: Plan Out the Structure of Your Article

Next, we visit another handy tool,  Keywordplanner.io, which will allow us to flesh out the structure and content of the article. Here, we immediately input our keywords phrase, Why medicine and not nursing. We suggest you visit the Questions tab, where you can find the exact questions a user may be searching for when they stumble across this keyword phrase. As you can see, it will give you a handy list of more detailed search terms, providing insight into how people are using search engines to find information about your topic. You can easily export the resulting keyword phrases to an Excel spreadsheet or copy it over to Google Sheets. If you have a lot of keywords, you may want to validate a few using the Google Ads tools we explained above.

You now have a hierarchy of relevant keywords, which you can structure your article around, like this:

You can find the actual sheet we created here: here. As you can see, we found almost all the phrases related to our article subject. You want to make sure you are using those keywords in the text interchangeably

And there you have it – SOWA’s three-step process for foolproof blog posts that the search

engines will love! And to prove that we put our money where our mouth is, here’s a link to the very article we created as a result of this process – it’s already proving a hit on Google! QUPI: Why Medicine, Not Nursing

Happy reading, and happy writing! And of course, if you’d rather outsource this process and the article writing to a professional team, just contact us – we’re here to help.
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