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May 22, 2020
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The Aspiring Worker; The Anywhere Economy Series

The How-to Guide for Remote Workers, their Managers, and Clients.

In this series, Max, our in-house copywriter will enlighten you on what you need to know and how to succeed. As a veteran of remote work, and its unique dynamics – from Sydney, to Shanghai, to Warsaw – he’s poised to share valuable insight into this often dangerously misunderstood methodology.

Distant Success at Arm’s Length

Your Biggest Challenge

Working remotely is a privilege – don’t you ever forget that.

The perks are laid out in front of you – and should be respected and appreciated. That’s the first thing. And whether you’re working from a quaint country home, Milanese co-working space, or Parisian café –acknowledge that not every place will work for you.

Image Credits – Olav Ahrens

What you need to do;

You may even concede and opt for the office you’ve been looking to escape in the first place. That’s ok, remote working is by nature a fluid concept.

As such, I have prepared a list of realities that you must understand. Keeping in-line with the following guidelines will save you, your business, and your business relationships.


The main issue at-stake is the lack of camaraderie. Technology has gone an exceptionally long way to bring us together, but loneliness is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it will feel isolating.

This is of course, an exercise in mind control. Your solitude will cause you to question the purpose of your tasks – and a lack of on-the-spot feedback may render a lack of confidence in what it is you do.

Image Credits – Chetan Hireholi

What you need to do;

Always stay social, always stay proactive, and always stay curious!

Maintaining clear lines of communication between you, and your client or superior will shorten your perceived distance considerably. Setting consistently regular meetings, on or offline, and establishing regular phone calls will keep you informed and above all – relevant.

Most importantly, always be sure to enquire about general happenings at the company, particularly items beyond just your task and job description. Understanding the bigger picture at the organisation will set a rapport, and demonstrate your passion to the job at-hand.

Remember that as a remote worker, it’s critical to appear motivated, as your ability to make impressions to superiors is unfairly limited to that of your in-office peers.


My boss used to tell me to think like an Entrepreneur. To this day I haven’t quite nailed what he meant by this, but my understanding is this;

Your role is flexible – which comes with perks. The ability to leave the desk at a moment’s notice is something to be cherished. And while you’re able to set your own schedules, you would be wise to clock in day-times to meet like-minded individuals.

Remaining indoors and isolated from the world is a waste of your valuable position. Don’t do that.

Image Credits – Helena Lopes

What you need to do;

It’s hugely advantageous to attend mid-day meetings with colleagues from within your industry. Every city has Co-Working Spaces, hosting seminars, and Entrepreneurial sessions. Creative Mornings are an example of the kinds of entrepreneurial seminars hosted in cities worldwide.

These industrious hangouts are valuable meeting opportunities, from across the playing field, and gaining potentially valuable contacts.

In fact, simply attending is already a great way to boost your profile, as giving a review – good or bad – of the event to your superiors provides information others in your office can’t. This is of course the worst-case scenario, you could of course strike a growth opportunity, for you, your company, or your client. Find one and go. Now.


Your problem is discipline. You’re lacking in it, and it shows your shameless lack of gratitude. Acknowledging this fundamental shortcoming – is key to killing it.

The most pressing issue is time management; that a clock is ticking, and it is always counting down. Your day is limited to the number of things you will finish, and there will always be less time available than you think.

Image Credits – Ewan Robertson

What you need to do;

Actual discipline; and being realistic about it.

You won’t get better at life – but you can get better at pieces of it – keeping within schedule timeframes will mean maximising your day, without essentially stealing yours or your company’s time. Scheduling meetings, phone calls, and project phases throughout the day are examples of measurable items. These can be tracked to remain within their timeframes.

Of course, working remotely means working – therefore you must be made available. Allowing doubt of your presence harms the delicate balance of trust between you and your superior, particularly at the early stages of your distance-arrangement.

Keep abreast of your day also means setting breaks and sticking to them. This can mean leaving your phone at your desk and setting your online status to ‘Out at Lunch’. Be realistic – not omnipresent. Now get out of bed, it’s late.


Your work is fluid – as are your tendencies to organise. Distractions are productivity’s enemy number one at the office, as they are at home. Succumbing to them is ultimately your choice – but there are a multitude of tools to keep your tasks front & centre.

Image Credits – Alex Perez

What you need to do;

Write lists, on paper, with a pen.

Keep your tasks visible and on top. For more intensive tools, I would highly recommend Trello, a free-to-use project management tool.

In all, the simplest programs are usually best, ignoring the premium features. With this in-mind, Microsoft’s To-Do, or it’s iOS equal; Reminders sync with your phone and can be assigned due dates and times.

Clean home-offices, and co-working spaces are a dime-a-dozen, therefore no personal recommendations will be offered here. However, the atmosphere and acoustic ambiance of coffeeshops are alleged to boost productivity, which can be done with a simple visit to a website such as Coffitivity.com.

But wherever you are, please switch off Social. Notifications are designed to steal your attention; at great cost to your attention and will harm your work.

Stay balanced, to stay productive.

But do stay off social.

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